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It’s very possible that we could save you lots of money over time.

Ted Benna created the 401(k) back in 1979.  Ted loved his original 401(k) framework, but is now fully concerned about negative changes made to it.  “Where I have my regrets”, he said, "is what the money-fee people have done to it.  And it’s ugly.”  He is referring to the high costs buried inside most 401(k) plans.  Worse yet, the plan’s participants often cannot see or identify the true costs they are paying.

We do not base our fees upon the investment value of a 401(k) plan.  That’s the old-fashioned way of how money-managers get paid from being part of 401(k) plans.  And that’s what Ted Benna is referring to.  We base our fee totally upon the number of plan participants.  As a result, our fee is lower than charged by others most of the time.  It’s very possible that we could save you lots of money over time.


As we do while providing our clients investment services, we work directly with Portfolio Medics in building and managing 401(k) plans.  Portfolio Medics is a boutique SEC registered investment advisor based in Bonita Springs, Florida, with representatives across the country.  It’s a fee-only fiduciary organization that’s on a mission, like us, to help fix the serious issue of high fees and most importantly the lack of education in 401(k) plans across the US.

How much can you save in unnecessary 401(k) fees?

Up to 50% and/or more. A small company with a $2 million 401(k) plan could realize $10,000 in plan fee savings in the first year alone with a little research and elbow grease. Over 20 years the savings can be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.  We can also help you build a new plan style which incorporates those savings into greater future growth for all plan participants, especially the company’s owners.

Reducing fees is only part of the answer

If you are OK with your current plan's fee structure, then consider complementing it with a Financial Wellness Education plan.  As a 401(k) advocate, we also empower workers to save for retirement by providing smart financial education.  We work intimately with plan participants to make ensure they are knowledgeable in all aspects of their 401(k) as well as their finances in general.

Does your 401(k) plan cost too much? 

You could possibly be paying too much for your 401(k) if your 401(k) provider is on the following list:

ADP, Alerus, American Funds, American National, American Pension Benefits, Ameritas, Ascensus, Aspire, Austin Capital Retirement Plan Services, AXA, CUNA, Empower, EPIC Advisors, Fidelity, First Mercantile, John Hancock, LT Trust, MassMutual, Merchants Trust, Morgan Stanley, Mutual of America, Mutual of Omaha, Nationwide, One America, PAi, Paychex, PCS, Pentegra, PNC, Prime Plan Solutions, Principal, Retirement Planners and Administrators, Inc, Securian, Sentinel Benefits, Sentry Life, Sharebuilder 401k, T.Rowe Price, Transamerica, Ubiquity, UBS and Vanguard.


How can we help fix the 401(k) problem?

Politico asked Ted Benna what we need to do to increase retirement security among Americans.  He responded by saying, “The best thing we could throw at them is massive education and having folks—you know, parents, grandparents—stepping up and telling their kids, “Hey, look. you need to get this going .”early.” Get them in the game.  That’s exactly what we do for our 401(k) programs.

If you want a smarter 401(k) plan, give us a call us at 832-786-8816 and/or click on this link:

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